Internship isan essential part of training to become a qualified nurse.

They occupy half of the total study time.  It is through these placements that the theoretical competencies learned in the classroom can be practically applied.

It therefore follows that workplacements are chosen with great care.

You will receive intensive individual support from both the school (work placement support staff) and the work environment itself  (mentors).

When choosing placements we take into account where yo live, transport/mobility and preferences etc.


Possible placement by residence:

  • AZ Damiaan
  • AZ St.-Augustinus
  • AZ St.-Jan Brugge/Oostende
  • AZ St.-Rembert
  • Belgisch Zeeinstituut voor Orthopedie
  • Bond Moyson
  • 4Veld
  • Jan Ypermanziekenhuis
  • Koningin Elisabethinstituut Oostduinkerke
  • Ons Erf
  • Psychiatrisch Centrum St.-Amandus
  • PTC Rustenburg
  • PVT De Ent
  • PZ H. Hart
  • Solidariteit van het Gezin
  • Stedelijk ziekenhuis Roeselare
  • Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen Bredene
  • Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen Brugge
  • WZC A. Lacourt
  • WZC De Boarebreker
  • WZC St.-Anna vzw
  • WZC Wackerbout
  • WZC Dunecluze
  • Zeecentrum De Branding
  • ZNA Brandwondencentrum campus Stuivenberg
  • WZC Ten Anker
  • WZC De Zathe
  • WZC De Ril
  • WZC St.-Godelieve
  • WZC St.-Elisabeth
  • WZC Yzerheem
  • RVT Meunyckenhof