Diploma - Conditions of admittance

Conditions of admittance:

  • Completed basic education
  • Proof of study for ASO/BSO/TSO 3rd grade or higher

If you have no proof of recognised educational competenties, then it is still possible to gain a place on the course by sitting an entrance exam and passing an interview with the admissionscommitee.

For further information contact the school.

If you wish to transfer from a Bachelor course either in Nursing or midwifery

to HBO -5 Nursing, then is it possible to gain exceptions from one or more modules when evidence of these competencies can be provided. The admissionscommitee will rule on this matter.


On succesful completion of a module you will receive a part certificate.

If you are in posession of part certificates for either ‘introductory nursing’ or ‘basic care in nursing’ then you may register as “skilledcarer”. You may have obtained this, among other possiblilties, while working as a student in the care sector.

If you have succesfully, on a continuous basis, passed all , then you gain the “Diploma of graduate nursing”. This dipoma is issued by the Flemish Government, gives the holder the right to the title of graduate nurse and is fully recognised and transferable in the European Union.

You will also automatically gain a certificate of secondary education providing you a diploma of lower secondary education or a certificate of secondary education, 2nd grade.