The former A2 nursing course is part of HBO. In the official education system this level exists between secondary education and bachelor level.

The VesaliusInstitute offers nursing tuition in modular form. There are 5 seperate modules making up the course. All modules are 1 semester in length with the exeption of the last, which is over one complete school year.

As all modules are offered twice during the acedemic year, it is possible to choose either to begin in September or February.

The HBO is job orientated. The emphasis is therefore on practical excersises, workplacements and professionalism.

The course competencies are continually assessed; on completion every asignment is assessed. There is also continuous assessment in all aspects of the course. This means that as there are no examinations at the end of a module, the amount of studymaterial is therefore somewhat reduced.

After the succesful completion of training you will be awarded with the European recognised qualification of “graduate diploma in nursing”.